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Motor Shafts







We are proud to present ourselves as supplier of high quality precision parts for all your OEM/ODM manufacturing solution. All of our materials and process are certified to the highest International quality standards available. ISO 9002


Our position in the marketplace as a supplier of quality component for OEM Industries. Shafts and spindles are has been one of our specialties where we can offer very competitive price, high quality and good service. We will strive to produce quality, precision-machined products, designed specifically to satisfy our customers needs. We will perform this valuable service timely, professional and cost-effective manner. Our objective is to supply products and services that will help our customers win a greater share of their markets, contributing to the steady grow of their business as well as our own.


We offer;

  • Quality
  • Competitive price
  • Quick sample development
  • Proto-type and production quantities
  • Short delivery time
  • Reliable service
  • With no Tooling charge

Contact us for all your shaft and related machined components requirements.

Let us quote you the shafts and shaft-type parts you need.

Send us your technical drawings and specifications today.





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