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Permanent Magnets






We currently provide Permanent Magnets for various applications mainly for automotive, DC motors applications from only the reputable manufacturers around the world. Most of our suppliers have in house tooling design and latest know-how in forming, sintering, heat treatment and casting technology.

For further information and quotation contact our sales department.


Types: hard ferrite, soft ferrite, plastic/rubber and rare earth magnets, including Nd-Fe-B (cast or bonded), AlNiCo (sintered or cast), and SmCo.


Hard Ferrite:


The ferrite magnets are more commonly referred to as ceramic magnets. They are mostly composed of strontium and iron oxide (Sro.6Fe203) and offer solid performance with low cost, higher coercive force than alnico, and low recoil permeability. They are widely used for small motors, loudspeakers and holding devices.




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