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Commutators & Slip Rings




We represent one of the most reputable commutator manufacturer in Europe.

Our product line includes hook, barrel and planer (face type) commutators with Bar to Bar construction to suit your specific application.

With over 600 types available, we are able to offer commutators from OD 3mm up to 185mm diameter.

Using only the best material and product design, we have experience to offer commutators for the most demanding specifications of high speed and high temperature applications; especially for the power tool, home appliance and automotive industries.

For your obligation free quotation, please send us your technical drawings, specifications or samples.





Electrical copper wire (99,90%) with silver alloy, (0,003-5%)

According to DIN 1787 40500


Molding compound




Phenolic molding compound with reinforced glass fiber imported from Japan, USA, Germany.

Manufacturing capacity




20 million pcs per annum.






Face types.







Electrical home appliances,


Electric power tools,

Industrial machines and automation

Office & leisure equipments,

Aerospace, armament and military applications .


Quality approvals



TUV ISO 9002



3 ~ 39 bars, OD: 4mm ~ 40mm ID: 2mm ~ 22mm

We provide highly reliable moulded segment-hook type commutators for applications in the home appliance, power tool, automotive and armament industries. To meet the needs of high speed and current motors as in vacuum cleaners, we have the ability to provide reinforced ring commutators as well.





1 ~ 175 bars, OD: 5mm ~ 185mm ID: 3mm ~ 81mm

For DC motors, automotive starter motors, power tools applications, we also offer Mica-moulded barrel-type commutators designed to stand the rigorous environments.





4 ~ 46 bars, OD: 25mm ~ 89mm ID: 12mm ~ 22.2mm


In addition to hook and barrel type commutators, we also manufacture face type commutators for automotive, industrial motor such as servomotors, air condition motors etc..


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