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Colak International was founded in 1994 as a manufacturers representative firm specialise in supplying electric motors components to OEMs motor manufacturing industry in Europe.It has grown steadily and become reputable supplier to leading multinational companies in this region and later successfully penetrated in to the global market supplying components for the motor manufacturing industries.


The key to our continued success is our adherence to our core values, which have remained intact since our beginnings.†† Impressive support from our principles, their know how and un compromised quality, dedication to customer service and offcourse on time delivery.


Serving the Automotive, domestic home appliance, electrical power tools, consumer, medical, Aerospace, industrial, PC equipmentsÖ industries, we can offer solutions to meet most of your motor components needs.



Our aim to focus on core products for motor manufacturers and provide proven solutions to our customerís requirements by offering following;


          World class competitive pricing

          Highest quality for your application

          World class customer service

          Technical help and support


Our comprehensive product line for the electric motors and related industries comprises the following OEM/ODM motor components;



          Shafts and shaft type parts

          Permanent magnets


          Ball Bearings

          Cast products

          Sinter metal components

          Insulation materials

          Copper winding wires

          Electric motors



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